D Liang Research Plan

【梁 道個人研究計畫】2009/02/20



Title: MEMs in Aerosol Particle Detection
Keywords: MEMs fabrication, Aerosol technology, Fluid mechanic.

The detecting instruments of aerosol particle are usually having large volume. In the recent years, miniaturization of those instruments is an important issue for researchers. It might enhance much functionality of devices, and often decreasing costs. Therefore, the development of micro instruments will be more and more popular. The detection of aerosol particles is used the principles and theories of aerosol technology and fluid mechanic to collect the particles in the air. Quantizing the measured data and fabricating the miniaturized device by using MEMs technology.


Title: MEMs in Aerosol Particle Detection
Keywords: Sensor and Actuator, Electronics.

By using the present or on development sensors to measure the indices of the power consuming according to the statistic and evaluation results of the usual life habit. And controlling and regulating the power use to save the electric energy and avoiding power waste.



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