M.S. Students

Shan-Chien Cheng 程善謙

E-mail: b01501093@ntu.edu.tw

PDMS nanofibers: preparation, characterization and biomedical engineering
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Hsing-Yu Chen 陳星宇Hsing-Yu Chen 陳星宇

E-mail: r05522511@ntu.edu.tw

A device that include Augmented Reality (AR) and rapid Speech-recognizing tech for hearing impaired
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Yung-Chen Yao 姚泳辰Yung-Chen Yao 姚泳辰

E-mail: bakudr18@gmail.com

Micromachined vibration sensor for smart spindle incorporated with SkyMars
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Hsuan-Chi Sung 宋炫奇

E-mail: sticky10706@gmail.com

Design and improve the tonometer instruments
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Yu-Hsuan Chen 陳宇軒

E-mail: b02502035@ntu.edu.tw

Passive Dynamic Based Biped Walking at Various Speeds
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Jian-Hong Yang 楊健宏

E-mail:  wattpper91643507@gmail.com


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