MD Wu Research Plan



於兩液體共存的環境下,利用光阻與溶劑比重接近,產生最大的表面張力形成高精度三維球體。 並藉由物理性攪拌在高轉速下產生剪切力縮小球體體積,再加以曝光軟烤固化自動成形至微米等級。
Title : Autonomous Configuration of SU-8 microshperes with interfacial tension
Keywords : MEMs fabrication, Fluid mechanic.
The SU-8 micro-pellets are self-configured inside aqueous environment in which the surface tension drives the pellets into prefect spheres, high speeding stirring reduces the particle’s size and generates plenty of tiny balls at the same time. Baking and exposing process followed by mechanical stir could solidify photoresist particles finally.


主要為奈米螺旋碳管與奈米碳纖之間的整合應用。 目前可由介電泳技術排列單根奈米螺旋碳管於原子力顯微鏡探針上形成手臂,未來著手於螺旋碳管銜接碳纖形成手指,在此元件外部覆蓋導電高分子為皮膚並可藉由電壓驅動,產生有如人類手掌活動般的位移。
Title : Rapid dielectrophoresis with Self-assembly of carbon nanohand
Keywords : MEMs fabrication, Optic, Dielectrophoresis, Conductive polymer.
This research emphasizes that integrated application of carbon nanotube coils and carbon fibers. Self-alignment of single CNT coil on AFM probes tip by dielectrophoresis is achieved, now we focus on self-connecting between CNT coil and carbon fiber, artificial skin which cover with device could displaced by voltage apply.



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