CY Yang Research Plan


  題目: 高功率LED陣列之熱傳最佳化設計

The optimal design of the thermal phenomena on the high power LED array

本研究主要為整合商用分析軟體與最佳化方法來進行高功率LED陣列最佳化設計。本研究所使用的最佳化方法是簡易共軛梯度法(Simplified conjugated gradient method),而所使用的電腦輔助分析軟體是COMSOL Multiphysics。

Within this research, we mainly focus on the integration of commercially available analysis software and the optimization methods to conduct the optimal design for each LED’s position. The optimization method adopted in this research is the Simplified Conjugated Gradient Method. And we adopt COMOL Multiphysics to the finite element method software.

In this study, we use the optimization method to continuously update the LED’s position until the thermal concentration is minimized. It is found that the search process is robust and always leads to the same optimal solution regardless of the initial guess. This proposed method will build an effective way to simplify the engineering design procedure.



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