SH Chen Research Plan


題目: 陀螺儀
簡介: 利用微機電系統陀螺儀與加速計感測鼓棒的加速度及角速度,以作為敲擊力道、敲擊位置的判斷依據,將訊號傳給存有鼓聲音源的微處理器做處理,最後將對應的音量、音色由喇叭輸出鼓聲。以上所有的系統都必須建立在鼓棒之中。期望達成僅拿著鼓棒做出打鼓的動作,卻有如同打著真實的鼓一般的效果。
Title: Gyro
Keywords: Circuit Design、Accelerometer、Gyro、Computer Programming

Making use of MEMS accelerometer and gyro to detect the drum stick’s angular velocity and acceleration. Using these data, we can determine the pounding strength and position. Then transmit signal to microprocessor to do a processing. Finally, through the micro speaker, sounds of drum with variable volume, tone can be produced. All the devices above are placed in the drum stick. The expectation reaches to make people use only a pair of drum sticks, but play as with a real drum set.



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