CC Yeh Research Plan

【 葉丞家個人研究計畫】2009/02/23


技術:電致動高分子複合材料合成技術、致動原理研究及理論模型建立。以上下兩層白金和導電高分子製成離子型高分子金屬合成物( IPMC ),藉由材料的致動特性應用於人造花系統,並分析致動原理及建構理論模型。 ccyeh013

Title: IPMC as artificial muscle for economizing power system
Key Technology: electro-less plating fabrication, principle of actuation, and theoretical model.

Ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs) were fabricated by the electro-less plating method. Also, we designed the artificial flower system which was made of IPMC due to their large deformation at low voltages and the change of humidity. Moreover, we focus on the principle of actuation and theoretical model.




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